Compression Procedure Q & A

We will start with a short tour of the screenprinting and compression process which may answer many of our frequently asked questions. We use a 100% cotton T-shirt, usually 5.5 oz. (different weight may be substituted if required), of any color. We specify in our brochure 'best buy' which means we will quote your job based the best value T-shirt after canvassing the highest quality manufacturers. We will screenprint your art in one or multiple locations up to 12 colors. We recommend plastisol inks but can utilize water based inks if the design tests out satisfactorily. The shirts are folded, design protected, to fit the appropriate mold. They are compressed into the shape of the mold using precise methodology and specifically engineered molds to insure no structural damage to the garment. The compressed, shaped T-shirt is then fitted with the packaging labels which were printed using a 4-color process design. Stickers with shirt size will be prominently displayed. The garments and labels are then shrink wrapped to produce a unique and effective promotional product for your marketing program.

More questions?

1) How do I get rid of the wrinkles?
When you open the package the T-shirt will be in the compressed state. Wash, inside out, once or twice and hang damp. Good as new.

2) Can I get a custom shape?
Custom Shapes are available. Cost will be dependant on the volume of the order. As an alternative, give our Art Dept. an opportunity to creatively frame your design with one of our existing molds.

3) Can I get a sample or a mock-up?
Samples and mock-ups are readily available. We will need your artwork and any design specifics. Artwork should be forwarded in AI, EPS, Hi-Res TIFF or JPEG.

4) Can you compress larger sizes?
We can compress up to size XXXL in virtually all molds. In some molds we can accommodate even larger sizes.

5) Do you offer contract compression?
We offer contract printing, contract compression, and contract printing plus compression. Please call our service staff for rates. If you get John ask for a real salesperson.

6) Is Bulk Mailing available? What is the cost?
Bulk Mailing is available for your promotional items. Cost is dependant on the zip code and the weight of your promotional package.

Additional questions? We can supply the answer and it will be posted on this site (not that you won't have it sooner). As individual questions become less frequent or, in fact, non-existent, we will assume that familiarization has been successful and, as such, we will remove. In cases where John has provided the answer we will leave up for a while longer until we ascertain that he has given the correct answer.

Seriously, please call or e-mail with any of your queries.